David Cale

David Cale

We’re Only Alive for A Short Amount of Time

Book by David Cale

Music by David Cale & Matthew Dean Marsh

Underscoring & Arrangements by Matthew Dean Marsh

Directed by Robert Falls

“Matthew Dean Marsh is a find.” - Chicago Tribune

“If ever you had any doubt about the healing and transformative powers of art, “We’re Only Alive for a Short Amount of Time,” …will set you straight.” -WTTW

“The choruses of the songs have been pared down resulting in amazingly perfect, complex and beautiful strains, some of which have the romantic affect of classic standards from the likes of Gershwin, Porter and Berlin.” -PerformINK Chicago

“The arrangements reminded me of what early demos of Joanna Newsom’s “Ys” might have sounded like or the more involved instrumental sections of Sufjan Stevens’ “Illinois.”-New City Stage

“The original music, written by Cale in collaboration with Matthew Dean Marsh, is as heartfelt and revealing as the story itself. The lush orchestrations evoke a rich, mid-century tone, especially when played capably by Marsh and an accompanying quintet.” -TheaterMania

“David Cale, Robert Falls and Matthew Dean Marsh all clearly have worked hard for “We’re Only Alive” not just to be a story of survival but of striving to transcend. And that is accomplished work.” -Chris Jones, The Chicago Tribune

“The music Cale and Marsh weave into the story is profoundly moving and—at times—beautifully odd to an ear trained on the likes of traditional musical theater…..an extraordinary story instilled with remarkable music…..a near-perfect fusion of words, music, tragedy and hope.” -Windy City Times


“The songs conjure mid-century melancholy like a medium conjuring a spirit.” -Chicago Sun Times

“As he shares personal stories, Cale addresses larger themes around remorse over quashed dreams and the tenuous legacies that parents leave to their children. Though these topics would seem unlikely for a musical, Cale and Marsh craft songs and weave in underscoring that only heightens the emotional impact.” -Daily Herald


Paul Corning, Ruby Wolf, & Alec Funiciello

Paul Corning, Ruby Wolf, & Alec Funiciello

Romeo and Juliet

Adapted by Psittacus Productions in association with Lincoln Center Education

Music by Matthew Dean Marsh

Directed by Louis Butelli

“The composition and arrangement is sheer genius.” -WOMR

“A poetic rock opera.” -Cape Cod Chronicle

“Marsh’s melodies are gentle and plaintive and never distract from the drama or falsely accentuate it. His contribution is key to the show’s success.” -Wicked Local, Provincetown

“Shakespeare’s familiar verse is given fresh life in the transcendent music of Matthew Dean Marsh. In Marsh’s subtle settings, the lines of poetry rise and fall in melodies that seem woven out of the same fabric as the text.” -I&M Nantucket