old entry

love is what makes things continue. so love is eternity.

this is not a sentimental thing. this is just true.

in the discussion of the truth, that which continues and that which does not continue are rarely mentioned.

what else is there?

those who belong think that love is what makes things want to continue.

those who do not belong think the same thing.

those who neither belong nor do not belong admire objectively the captives of thoughts of love.

how they are so ignorantly and unknowingly willing to follow their course.

though they may complain the entire time, resisting the continuation; they continue, in pain. 

we can't escape love. we always return. 

the cloud escapes the sky by becoming so heavy it turns to rain.

it travels through the depths of earth to warm and rise and white and light and float and fall again.

and though we see the sky as up and we as down, we also know that circle earth it wraps around.

the day before you were born was just a day.

the day after you will die will just be a day.

don't be alarmed by the stories around you.

what is the situation?

do not be confused about what it is you are here to spread.